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Radio Shows

Monday – Friday
Alpha Show 6am – 11am With Ranti and Funmi
The Zone 11am – 4pm With Boye
Clock Out 4pm – 9pm With Kiki and Hashim
The TakeOver 9pm – 11pm  Daniel
Insomnia 11pm – 1am With May9ine
The Flipsydes 1am – 6am With Tjazz
The Barbers Shop 8pm -10pm (Thursdays)
The Sorority 3pm -4pm (Fridays)
Kicking It With Kiki 6am – 11am
Weekend Wheel 4pm – 9m With Ranti
Urban Traffic 9pm – 1am With Otunba
Indoor Party Mix 1am – 6am With Dj Bjazz
Praise Hauz 6am – 11am With Daniel
Sunday Cafe 11am – 4pm With May9ine
The Sunday Jump 4pm -9pm With Boye
Glow In The Dark 9m – 1am With Hashim
The Flipsydes 1am – 6am With Tjazz