Mavin Boss Apologises After Body Shaming Lady On Instagram


Revered music producer, Don Jazzy might have just crossed the line in his bid to reaffirm his undying lust love for US superstar singer Rihanna.

He shared a  photo collage of four women on Instagram (a popular meme on Twitter), using phone battery analogy to grade their looks by percentages.

With Rihanna as the fourth woman in the collage, the caption of the meme was “Your battery is your bae”.

Obviously, we all know Don Jazzy has a thing for the global pop star Rihanna. Now, one of the ladies in the meme called out Don Jazzy. @theslumflower tweeted that the meme was essentially body shaming her.

“I love being body shamed and slandered by Nigerian musicians. Thank you for being horrible @DONJAZZY. Hope it’s worth it!” she wrote.

The remorseful Mavin boss immediately apologised for his action and deleted the post. “Wasn’t my intention to do that. Post has been deleted immediately. Please accept my sincere apology” he tweeted.