Fan receives ‘hot slap’ for grabbing singer’s ass


A fan bit off more than he could chew when he grabbed Victoria Kimani‘s ass during an event.

He probably did not see the slap he received, coming.

The singer shared a post on social media, revealing that the young man received a “hot slap” by her security detail, for his efforts.

Kimani Was pictured with her security detail in the midst of a crushing crowd. She may have had to complain to her security for the offending fan to have been spotted. The message remains clear. It will always be wrong to touch a man or woman inappropriately. Celebrities have been known to suffer inappropriate advances and some have learnt to roll with it better than others.

Of course, guys will always seem to be less offended by these advances than women but the truth remains that inappropriate advances will, at some point be rebuffed and not in the way you expect.

From bring trolled online to physical adults, celebrities have seen it all. Victoria kimani’s reaction remains one of many.